What We Do At Video Movie Magic

Video Movie Magic VHS to DVD Digitizing Services and Video Marketing The facility at Video Movie Magic faces a busy street that is a thoroughfare to a multitude of wide-ranging businesses. We often get people who come in, having been intrigued by our signage, that simply ask us “what is it that you do here?” What do we do here you ask… that’s easy!

Basically, anything video!

Video Movie Magic was established in 1982. Over the last thirty-seven years of being in business we have seen a little bit of everything and have the capabilities and the know-how to deliver your video project, big or small on time and on budget.

  • We transfer your home videos to DVD.
  • We archive your company’s historical video footage, ranging from training videos, commercials, board meetings and promotional pieces to digital formats so that they can be preserved years to come in an easily accessible format.
  • We digitize programming for streaming on the internet.
  • We help you create video content.

Our video production unit creates a wide array of content ranging from corporate training videos to broadcast television commercials. We recently shot content in 4K at a green screen stage for a company that is putting informational snippets on their web site and on YouTube.

Not only do we do the video production, we do the post production or editing on your project as well. We work in both Final Cut and Premier as our editing platforms. What’s even better is that our experience over the years has allowed us to master the tricks of the trade.

Once your video project is complete you need to get it out to your target audience. We do that too! We can provide digital files for web streaming. We can send content directly to television stations. We can also author your project for DVD and or Blu-ray distribution.

Need DVD, Blu-ray or CD copies? No worries, we do that as well. If you have a video project, regardless of size give Video Movie Magic a call. It’s what we do.