Video Training and Save

Video Training
Training, training, training. All new employees require training and with professional video training the education is priceless.

Getting an employee up to speed and ready to be a productive team member is an expensive undertaking.

On average large companies (10,000+ employees) spend $13 million per year on employee training while mid-size (1,000-9,999) and small businesses (under 1,000) allocate respective annual employee development budgets of $3.7 million and $290,000 according to Brandon Hall Group, a human capital management services company.

While cutting training is not the answer to saving money, cutting training costs through the use of video can be a great option.

Corporate training videos are not what they used to be.

In the not so distant past one would think of a group sitting in a room all watching a tv monitor. The instructor would then proceed to discuss and ask questions about the video.

With the amazing changes in technology this should no longer be the case. In fact, the training videos can be watched from anywhere on one’s computer or mobile device.

The training video can also be tracked as to when it was watched, and the ability to program questions and read and register responses makes this a very efficient option.

Once you create the video the end user gets the same training program as their predecessors. In this controlled environment there is no chance a segment will be passed over or left out.

Trainers no longer must travel all over the country or the world for that matter for each location to receive their expertise.

Creating a corporate, mid-size or small business training video is an efficient method of relaying what employers want their employees to learn and comprehend at a smaller cost than traditional methods.

Good news – Millennial workers are already on board with these training methods. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that millennial workers already represent a majority of the workforce.

Making the transition to this style of training not only makes sense for the workforce that is being trained today, but it lends to consistent training at a lesser cost.

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