Video Media One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop For All Video Media and Production
March Madness is over. College hoop fans have had time to recover and rest up for another season. NBA and NHL playoffs are moving forward and Major League Baseball fans can enjoy their favorite teams now too.

Pick your venue and head over to enjoy the game. But what if you are a fan of multiple sports?

A lot of planning, paying, and traveling will ensure you get to watch your favorite teams. This is time consuming, expensive and can try one’s patience with traffic and large crowds.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your favorite sports teams could be in one location at times that were convenient for you? Unfortunately, it’s not really possible in the sports world…but…in the world of video…there is Video Movie Magic!

Welcome to your one stop shop for anything video.

There is no need to research multiple headings when it comes time to find what you need in the video media world. At our convenient location with easy freeway access we can take your video project from the planning stages to distribution or pick up anywhere in between.

We have full video production services and tackle projects of all sizes ranging from client testimonials, corporate training videos, commercials, corporate updates, seminars and on and on.

We have full post-production services on site.

Let our professional staff mold the raw footage from your video production into a polished final video piece that will get your message out in a way that makes you proud.

But wait! There’s more! Now that your video has been produced and edited it needs to be seen. Who better to distribute your media than Video Movie Magic.

We offer digital delivery services to television stations across the country.
We stream video to the web.
We duplicate and replicate DVD’s, Blu-ray Discs and CD’s.

Project complete and it’s time to archive and store your project and video assets. You guessed it – we do it right here. Your business needs are not always easy to fulfill, but all this under one roof makes life so much easier.

Welcome to the one stop shop for all of your video media requirements.
Welcome to Video Movie Magic where you can come in and be one and done.