Video Movie Magic VHS to DVD Digitizing Services and Video Marketing People have heard about converting VHS to DVD or another digital format such as MP4. They think about all those family videos in the closet, the garage or the attic that are on a multitude of formats. They look at the box of seemingly random tapes ranging from VHS, 8mm, Hi 8mm, Digital 8, Mini DV, and even HDV and shake their heads. The same thoughts running through their minds. I wish I knew what was on these and now I can’t even play them back because the camera is gone or broken, or the playback deck doesn’t work any longer. So…they think, well one day I will convert these tapes to a digital format – just not today.

It should have been done yesterday! Those old analog tape formats are starting to deteriorate and those family moments that were important enough to record in the first place will be gone forever.

Digital files last and last and don’t degrade with play back like analog tapes do. So converting your VHS to digital, or any tape format you may have to digital is a vital way to preserve those precious moments in time.

Once the old analog tapes have been converted to a digital format the files can be stored in multiple places (and not the garage!).

Digital files can be shared across multiple platforms from portable hard drives, flash drives, your computer hard drive and even the Cloud.

Do yourself a favor and make it happen now. The tapes are not getting any younger and the deterioration factor is a reality.

Don’t kick yourself later when you find out all those moments in time that were captured over time are gone forever.

Collect your tapes and convert them to digital video as soon as possible.

Let Video Movie Magic preserve your memories before they fade away.