The Value is in Video Pre-Production

Pre-Video Production ImportanceThe World Series just ended. So many great players and so many great plays.

Some of the most difficult plays were made to look easy. That’s the key – it looked easy. It wasn’t.

The players making the plays have spent countless hours, days, months and years practicing and preparing to make those plays happen in a manner that looks almost effortless.

A properly run video production has a lot of similarities. When you arrive at the set or location of your video production and the crew, from the producer, the camera op, the grip and lighting people to the audio engineer all work smoothly together it looks easy. Exactly like the baseball players made playing in the last games did. It does not just happen.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into any video production whether it be a corporate video, a broadcast video, a customer testimonial video or a green screen video shoot. Every shot must be planned in advance. Countless hours go into planning what equipment should be used, what camera angles are required, what audio and lighting gear should be implemented and what talent should be used along with a myriad of other details.

When all of this has been dutifully completed the video production itself should look easy, much like the slick fielding shortstop or the hot hitter make their game look so easy. Whether it be in baseball or your video production, it’s all about the pre-production.

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