Transferring Large HD Videos No Longer A Barrier

Transferring Large HD Videos No Longer A BarrierVideo Movie Magic may be in Orange County, CA but we have a national reach.

With the continuing improvement of internet infrastructure and speed, the transfer of large HD video files is no longer a barrier in selecting the location of a post-house in relation to the client.

We have clients from around the country who rely on us for editing, tagging and branding their videos for multiple use platforms.

Whether the final product is for use in Broadcast Television, YouTube videos or Corporate Web Sites, we can handle the project without the client ever setting foot in our facility.

Digital file transfer has greatly improved the reach of our business. For instance, we can receive a commercial spot or multiple spots from a client located anywhere in the U.S. or even the world at any time.

Once we download the video to our servers we then edit, customize end tags, add phone numbers and URLs, VEIL encode the spots and digitally distribute them to television stations across the country.

Our clients view and approve videos on-line and never must leave the convenience of their office, wherever it may be located.

Should you want to work with our team in person you are welcome to visit us at our great facility in Laguna Hills, CA.