Transfer Your Home Video, Slides and Film To DVD

Transfer Your Home Video, Slides and Film To DVDSo many of us have our family videos stowed away somewhere in a closet, an attic, the garage or under a bed somewhere. Many don’t even have the means to play these tapes anymore.

It’s time to transfer those family memories to a digital format such as DVD and/or a hard drive.

These tapes start to deteriorate over time and if you wait too long those visual memories you have been storing for so long will be lost forever.

The longer you put off having this done the chances of the disaster of having a box full of bad tapes increases.

Even if you can still play the tapes at your home one of the big downsides of having analog tapes is that the wear and tear of playing them actually makes them worse with tape stretch, a video player “eating the tape” or the tape coming off the spools upon rewind.

A couple of real benefits in transferring your video tapes to DVD is that there is no degradation to the digital file when you play it, the medium is much more compact for storage purposes and copies are easy to make and send to the rest of the family and friends.

Don’t wait any longer for your memories to literally fade away.

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