Time to Archive * Digitize!

Archive Corporate Digital MediaDigitize in 2018!

The Holidays are over. The business calendar is getting back to normal and new projects and goals need
to be completed and met.

As the business season ramps up and everyone is looking to move forward…it’s time to take a moment to look back. Look back in the corporate archives, closets, warehouses and dig out all the old training, broadcast and archival video footage.

It’s time to digitize!

The longer those old analog tapes sit around the more they deteriorate. We are finding now that some
of the tapes have oxidized and the information is gone forever.

Your company will thank you when all of this now inaccessible historical footage becomes accessible once it is in a digital format. As a bonus, the old tapes in storage can now be thrown away and new space becomes available for new project storage.

Once the old footage has been digitized it becomes part of your company’s history and the deterioration
factor is gone.

These old tapes have been sitting around, whether they are broadcast format or consumer format, and
nobody has viewed them in years. In addition to storing them on a hard drive or LTO backup tape the
footage can be stored in the cloud or with any of the many digital storage company’s available on-line.

This will allow easy access to this previously unviewable footage to any authorized user. Once this
footage is accessible again there is an added value to it as well. Various clips can be used in current
video production pieces for reference or comparison.

Clips can be edited in to new or existing training videos, broadcast videos, internal reference videos or any kind of video imaginable for historical reference. We make this an easy process for you as well. Just box up your tapes, bring them to us and
we will take care of the rest.

Be the company hero in 2018! Digitize!