Ring It In With Video Marketing!

Video Movie Magic Video Production Services Company Moves To Their New LocationWe did it! After twenty-five years in Suite 127 we made the move to the front of the building at Suite 120. We’ve rung in the new year with a new look!

Speaking of new looks, it’s time to get that video marketing, video training, commercial, social media or any other type of video campaign going.

Whether you are creating video for product ads, a product launch or even a product description the statistics show it’s time and money well spent.

According to Wyzowl 72% of businesses say their conversion rate has been improved by video and 72% of consumers claim to have shared a brand’s video either directly with others or on social media.

Over half of consumers state that watching a product video makes them more confident and likely to make an on-line purchase according to Invodo.

Lastly, Forbes states that 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video.

As stated in previous blogs on this site video content is growing at an exponential rate with all the new technologies and platforms available to everyone. Video is getting search friendly as well.

Artificial Intelligence and the use of close caption (or subtitles) are making video content more searchable. AI can transcribe the audio tracks of video with voice recognition to make video searchable.

Video is also becoming a major tool for training both internally for companies and for monetizing content. Video training programs have been proven effective to train more employees at a time at a lower cost.

If your 2019 budget does not include adding video content to move your business forward you are statistically falling behind your competitors who are.

If you are already utilizing video in your work flow and marketing practices, you know the benefits that video reaps upon your business.

Video Movie Magic has rung in the new year with a new look, and so should you.

Get your video content going and ring in the new year with a new plan!