Reinventing the Wheel: Digitize Your Old Videos

Video Movie Magic Video Production Services Company Digitizes Your VideosSince the beginning of mankind there is evidence that we created drawings in caves and in rocks to mark events that were occurring at the time. As time passed and humans evolved so did the methods in which events were recorded in drawings, pictures, film and now digital.

The bottom line is we love our pictures and videos and always have!

Of course, the methods in which we mark the events of the day have changed, so from time to time we must adjust and update some of the old methods to conform with the new or lose the memories to the ravages of time. Video Movie Magic was founded in 1982 with this concept in mind.

There has been a slew of companies crop up recently, and a few not so recently, that have had this “new” idea of converting old analog video tapes, pictures and slides to a digital format such as DVD or MP4 files. The concept is not new to us!

We are experienced in digitizing all video formats from consumer VHS, Mini DV, 8mm, Hi 8mm, and HDV formats and even old Betamax, to professional formats such as 1″, ¾”, Beta SP, Digi Beta, DVCam and HDCam tapes.

We also scan pictures and slides to digital formats so that you can enjoy them for years and years to come. These old analog formats deteriorate over time and eventually become unwatchable or unusable. The longer you wait to digitize these aging formats the higher the possibility becomes that you will lose them forever.

At Video Movie Magic we are not reinventing the wheel with our transfer services. We have been in the conversion business for thirty-seven years!

So when you are considering getting your photo memories or archive tapes together with the intent to digitize them into a more permanent format go with a company that has the experience, reliability and integrity that withstands the test of time. Call Video Movie Magic today.