Video Production Cost Savers

Video production costs can vary greatly. It’s much like buying a car. There are all kinds of cars, it just depends upon your budget as to what kind you get.

Everyone would like the performance of a Ferrari or the luxury of a Rolls Royce, but it’s not in most budgets. The same goes for video production.

We have all seen what Hollywood movies are capable of showing on the big screen. However, most corporate budgets are not on the same level much as most people don’t buy the super high end car. However, there is a fairly easy and low cost fix for creating the high-end video that you conceptualize without the crazy Hollywood costs.

Drone footage has been a game changer. Video drones have greatly reduced the need for helicopter rentals and jibs on the production set. This allows for a huge cost savings as well as reducing production times.

Another option to factor in is stock footage. There are a lot of options for buying low cost and fully licensed stock footage shots that can help keep production costs down. There is no need to shoot what has already been shot.

A third option for lowering video production cost is to shoot in 4k video. This little trick allows the video editor to zoom, pan and create many other video effects that in the past could only be achieved by having multiple cameras on location or taking many takes of the same scene from different angles.

These are just a few of the tricks that will allow your video production to have that luxury car look and feel without the extreme luxury car pricing.