Marketing with Video

The Value in DVDs and CDsIf your company is not marketing with video it is falling behind the advertising curve. Your brand needs a video marketing strategy.

The social media environment has changed the way consumers get their information and their advertising impressions. A HubSpot report indicates that four out of the top six channels that global consumers watch is on social media channels, and the prediction is that the platform will be all video within five years.

The traditional methods of big money productions for television are falling by the wayside. While there is still a need for some big budget TV spot productions there is a huge value and bang for your buck in creating relatively low-cost video for social media outlets.

Technology has dramatically reshaped the video production landscape. Video capture devices have become smaller, cheaper and higher quality than ever. Editing systems have become more powerful, faster and contain more effects than have ever been available before without the costs associated with huge video production and post production budgets.

Due to the reshaping of how video content is viewed, the types of video that are now being created have dramatically shifted as well. Your content is no longer bound to a :30 spot that can only be viewed at the exact moment in airs on a particular television program.

Content is now overwhelmingly viewed at the consumers leisure on mobile devices, tablets and streaming portals. A multi-pronged video strategy will grow your company’s brand awareness and put out valuable information on all facets of your business. The types of videos being created are numerous.

Of course, the traditional :30 spot can be created, but with the way content is now viewed the :30 limit and style no longer applies.

For example, companies are now creating Brand Videos, Event Videos, Demo Videos, Testimonial Videos, How-to Videos just to name a few. The options are many and the opportunity is vast for your company to jump on board.

Don’t fall behind the advertising curve. Give us a call and let us work or magic for you.