It’s That Time To Convert Tape To Video

Video Movie Magic VHS to DVD Digitizing Services and Video Marketing The baseball playoffs have begun in earnest. Football is in full swing. Hockey has started, and basketball is just around the corner. That can mean only one thing – Fall has arrived!

We all know that once Fall gets here the Holiday season is upon us in no time. What better way to get together with the family and watch some home movies to bring back the memories? Oh, but wait. You don’t have a tape player that can play the old tapes you have stored in the closet. Not to fear, Video Movie Magic is here!

While it’s true we have been busy all year with many projects varying in scope, we certainly have what it takes to put the magic memories back in your family get together this Holiday season.

One of our strengths here at Video Movie Magic is our versatility. As a company that has been in the video game since 1982, we have seen a little bit of everything. We have completed and are continuing to work on a series of training and safety videos for multiple national companies ranging from the automotive industry and the television cable/internet industry, through industrial door repair and fast food safety and training.

We edit projects ranging from TV commercials for broadcast, to informative pieces for web sites and YouTube.

We digitize movies and shows that are shown on a variety of web portals such as Amazon and Twitch. We have completed video productions for health and fitness projects as well as pieces for corporate events. And oh yes, we digitize your home videos to DVD or MP4 files and treat them like they were our own.

With the Holidays fast approaching, the time is now to get your video tapes in so we can convert them to a digital format that will last for years to come.

Call us today to discuss your video needs no matter how large or small.