Green Screen Video Post-Production

Green Screen Video Post-ProductionCost and time are always considerations when the subject of a corporate video comes up.

When considering a video production for customer testimonials, an intra-office training video, product promotion videos or any other reason, the green screen background or “chroma key” technology for video production option is always a plus to look at.

There are many benefits from utilizing a green screen in your video production. First, it allows you flexibility in your background. After the video is captured and the post-production begins the vast amount of options available for the background make editing the video a fun process.

The various on-screen subjects can be placed in front of different locations to make it look like a comprehensive video production occurred with multiple set ups and locations.

The reality of moving to different locations and setting up and tearing down the production equipment at each new venue adds a lot of time and money to the production process itself.

Utilizing a green screen also makes branding very easy to accomplish. Company logos, themes, colors, slogans or anything else one would want to convey on screen is easily accessible in the post-production effort.

Another advantage is that the video footage gains an extended life. If something changes in the branding or a new venue is more applicable down the road to convey the message, the footage is easily re-edited utilizing new backgrounds to freshen up and change the look and feel to the video without having to re-shoot and repeat the message.

When a well-planned and executed green screen video production is carried out, the results both immediate and longer term make this option a must to consider in the pre-production process.

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