Have Fun With Your Video Production

Have Fun Producing Your VideosWhen you think of video production what comes to mind?

Probably lighting kits, a staged video area, a tripod with large a production camera, a camera op, a director and on and on.

It can be that, but that’s also old school thinking.

There have been such huge leaps in technology that the video production world has changed dramatically in both the way we capture video, edit it and the way we view it.

There are times when that is necessary, but there are also times when guerilla video production tactics are useful, fun and easy to do.

With the amazing changes in video capture technology we can acquire all kinds of great images from crazy angles with GoPro cameras, drones and other various tools and all in beautiful HD quality.

People are also viewing more and more video from their computer and mobile devices so you can reach them at any time.

So the next time you get bogged down by thinking if you want to create a video in order to reach your customers that it has to be a big ordeal – STOP!

There are a lot of fun and creative video pieces that can be produced without all of bells and whistles.

Think out of the box and who knows – maybe your creative company video piece is the next big Internet sensation.