DVD / Blu-Ray Authoring and Mastering

DVD / Blu-Ray Authoring and MasteringDVD authoring is creating a DVD that can be played in a stand-alone DVD player.

The software used to author the DVD must confirm to the DVD specifications settled on by the DVD forum that were set when DVDs arrived on the scene years ago.

The DVD may be a simple one with auto-launch and only play functions.

It can also be authored to be very complex with multiple menu and button selections, chapter points can be added or any variation between the levels of complexity.

DVDs can only be authored and mastered in Standard Definition video format. This is part of the original DVD specification.

For maintaining a quality High Definition video authoring and mastering must be done on Blu-Ray.

The steps and options from simple to complex menu options are available in Blu-Ray as well although there are a few slight differences in the menu options from DVD.

Many clients know what their target audience is whether it be a one off for a trade show or a mass distribution for many potential viewers and will specify whether they would like to author in DVD or Blu-Ray.

However, others opt to do both. If this is the case we start the authoring process with the HD video files and graphics and down-convert later to Standard Definition and graphics.

Whichever way you decide to go Video Movie Magic is happy to handle your project.

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