Corporate Training Video

Video Movie Magic Corporate Training Video Services and Video Marketing There are a variety of methods employers can utilize when it comes to training their work force. There are classroom settings, ride-a-longs, shadowing methods and yes, video training modules. While no one method is generally viewed as the be-all end-all method for employee training here are twenty reasons according to multiple industry sources on why you should incorporate video training modules to supplement your training techniques.

  1. Video training allows information to be deployed more quickly.
  2. It provides easy access to training including from mobile devices.
  3. Video training is flexible providing anywhere, anytime access.
  4. It enables new employees to get on board more quickly.
  5. Short videos with easy-to-digest content lead to higher levels of retention.
  6. It can be used for numerous purposes from product launches to compliance training.
  7. Videos facilitate ongoing training at one’s own pace.
  8. It provides continued education and professional development.
  9. It Increases motivation and employee autonomy.
  10. Companies can create a library of resources for on-demand learning
  11. Videos can be used to communicate facts or demonstrate procedures.
  12. Video training can be an opportunity for self-study and self-testing.
  13. It is highly cost-effective and reduces travel.
  14. Video training empowers employees and improves productivity.
  15. It can accommodate different learning styles.
  16. It enhances employee engagement.
  17. It allows companies to reach and train countless remote employees.
  18. Videos can be created to match workplace culture.
  19. It allows companies to take control of the training process by customizing content most beneficial to employees.
  20. It provides a consistent experience.

Whether a company is a large Fortune 500 company or a small niche provider, employee training is paramount to the success of the company. The benefits of utilizing video for your training (and marketing, and branding, and…) needs are clear.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Video Movie Magic a call today to boost the results of your employee training experience.