Boost Your Business Profits Through Video

Boost Your Business Profits Through Video

Businesses require marketing to push their products or services to the end user.

There are all kinds of ways to market your business. One of the most effective ways is through the use of video.

The use of solid video production is an investment in your bottom line.

Today consumers spend more time consuming digital video than on social media.

Studies have shown that consumers would much prefer to watch a video about products or services than to read about them.

If you are not utilizing one of the most popular forms of communication you are not optimizing the marketing potential for your company.

Video can increase your sales conversion rates up to 80%. The investment you make in your video production and post production (editing) will pay off in spades.  A huge portion of the population is addicted to their mobile devices whether it is a phone or tablet.

90% of mobile consumers watch video on their mobile devices.

A YouTube report states that mobile video consumption increases 100% a year. This means your video audience is constantly growing as is the potential for the growth of your business through video marketing.

An important part of building up your business is through brand awareness and creating brand loyalty.

A Google report states that mobile device users are 1.4 times as likely than desktop viewers and twice as likely as television viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or ads on their devices. This shows that by employing video production and ad branding in your marketing plan you are increasing the return on investment in this marketing medium.

If you have not created a plan to professionally create a video campaign now is the time to do it. Utilizing a professional video production company and post production facility will build your company’s brand awareness and increase the bottom line.

What are you waiting for?

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