Benefits of A Corporate Training Video

Corporate Training Videos BenefitsNew employees and/or new procedures require some form of training. Someone with experience is needed to train either the new employees or the current employees in a new procedure.
Anyone in business knows that training is expensive in terms of both manpower and dollars that affect the bottom line.

Creating corporate training videos is a great and inexpensive way to aid in the training department.
Once the video has been created it can be played over for each new set of employees. This frees up manpower and monotony.

It is said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see.
Yes, video is mostly visual but it also incorporates other learning skills as well, including hearing skills, reading skills and interactivity with note taking skills.

Another benefit to a well scripted and professionally produced video is that the same message is relayed from one group of viewers to the next.

When a live person is repeating the training program to new employees the delivery and message are not always the same, leading to potential errors and re-training down the road.

Travel costs can be reduced as well by providing the training videos to different locations depending upon the size and scope of work the company is involved in.

Lastly a professionally produced training series introduces your new-hires to a polished corporate image each time.

The features and benefits of training videos far outweigh the initial cost of creating the video, and in fact, actually saves money in the long run.

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