4K Video Production

4K Video ProductionIf you haven’t done so already, start shooting all your video production projects in 4K. The argument that the final product is only going to be in 1080p or DVD or on YouTube doesn’t work anymore.

4K video production gives the editor 8.3 million pixels to work with! This vast amount of information allows the video editor a ton of options that were not previously available in the Post Production end of the video project. This feature will allow you to zoom in on the image or move it to one side or the other without losing any image quality.

This also allows great opportunities to cut in to close ups with a jump cut, allowing a smooth transition and steadier video viewing experience. 4k video editing software allows for image stabilization with no loss of quality as well.

Sometimes a shot can be unusable because the camera was not 100% stabilized and this devalues your video production. You will thank yourself in the future.

Just think of the difference between SD and HD footage. The footage is noticeably of lesser quality.

The future is only going to get bigger and brighter in the video world, so it is wise to jump ahead of the game with 4K capture. Digital file storage is inexpensive and even becomes more so by the month.

While 4K video takes up four times as much storage as 1080p capture, storing it is very reasonable.

If you have not been taking advantage of 4K video production, you have been missing out.

Call Video Movie Magic to discuss your next video project. Let us show you the benefits of shooting and editing in 4K resolution so your next video piece is more successful than ever!